$25 Gift Certificate for $2

The $25 Gift Certificate for only $2 (a huge savings of 80% off) is back again. I used to think this was a gimmick, but for the last few years my family uses this every month or 2 at a local restaurant we absolutely love!

Use Promo Code SPOON

But Hurry, it expires Thursday January 13, 2011

Make sure you read the fine print before purchasing, at the restaurant we prefer there is a $35 minimum order, and 18% gratuity is added to the full price ticket (I’m all for basing the tip on the full price, but at some places 18% might be a little high if the service was subpar).

Even so, the place we  go has burgers that are around $9, combine 2 of those, a kids meal & 3 beverages and our family of 3 hits the $35 mark. After the $25 gift certificate, that brings us to $10, plus $2 for the certificate purchase. Add in 18% tip and we have eaten a $41 meal for $18 including the tip.