How to Raise a Zero Waste Children

Children make a lot of waste while doing their innocent activities. A baby would mean more waste is a misconception. The 'green baby' could be raise with good decisive skills and a little bit of motivation. If the lifestyle is changed by a bit, then all the activities that generate waste could be dealt with and handled accordingly.

1. Breastfeeding:

Mother's milk is the best food for the baby till first 6 months. Even after that, the babies need to be breastfed. It is very healthy for the baby. This also reduces the plastic bottle's waste that is very difficult to deal with.

2. Diapers:

The newly claimed “Extra absorbing”, “Comfortable”, “Easy to use” are attractive marketing terms used by various diaper companies to sell their products. Their fancy advertisements never ever cover the waste their diapers generate. In this scenario, the old school probably wins. Cloth diapers are reusable, cheap and easy to use. They are very efficient and economic. On the other hand, the waste generated is negligible.

3. Baby Wipes:

Again a use and throw product which adds to the wastage pile for nothing. Baby wipes are used to keep the baby clean. They advertise themselves as “extra smooth” and “skin care” focused. However, the cloth wipes are reusable and equally comfortable. If the disposable wipes are replaced with cloth wipes then a lot of waste could be avoided.

4. Burp Clothes:

Burp clothes are a commonly used term for flannel clothes for the babies. A flannel cloth is a finely woven cloth which is very soft to touch and easy to maintain. Generally, people use paper towels to clean the baby and maintain him. These disposable paper towels contribute to a lot of waste. This waste could be avoided by the usage of burp clothes. Flannel clothes are much more soft and comfortable and reduce a lot the need of waste removal.

5. Skin Care:

Skin care requires intensive care and constant vigilance on the contents of the products being applied. Skin care products can backfire and could damage the baby’s skin. Staying natural is the best way in these cases. Simple oils and natural soaps could do wonders effectively. The products are packaged in plastic and regular usage increases the plastic waste, which is the worst of all. On the other hand, the natural oils can save a lot of cost and waste production.

6. Toys:

Babies spend their lot of time playing with toys. Most of the toys are made of plastic. They break easily and are need to be thrown. But there is a greater risk ahead. Many of the toys contain small, movable parts and the baby could ingest them. Since, a 24-hour vigilance on the baby is practically, not possible. Hence, such types of toys could be and should be avoided altogether. The second factor here is the quantity. Babies, hardly need the number of toys their parents buy them. A fewer toys should suffice. The plastic toys could be replaced by simple wooden toys which are safer and green. High quality wood is much better than inferior quality plastic.

7. Baby food:

Packaged food are stored in containers are kept edible after months of their manufacture date. Babies should always be given freshly cooked homemade food. Packaged food get their long life by the use of gamma radiation with is harmful for the bacteria that try to ruin the food. This radiation is unhealthy for the body itself. Also the foods are dehydrated which reduces the nutritional value of the food and renders it useless. By cooking, babies get fresh and nutritional diet. The plastic container waste is one less thing to worry about.

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