God Gave Us So Much {Childrens Book Review}

A Must Have!

Continuing in the “God Gave Us” Series by Lisa T. Bergren and Laura J. Bryant is a stunning triology called “God Gave Us So Much“. There are enough words to the story to keep my 5 year olds attention (I frequently will read chapter books to her, so alot of picture books are too short for her) yet the words are simple enough that a younger 2 or 3 year old would also be able to keep up with the plot.

I’m always watching for clearance sales, and normally that is how I purchase books for my kids as well. Forget that with this book, it is a full price keeper! And there are actually 3 stories in book – “God Gave Us The World”, “God Gave Us Love”, & “God Gave Us Heaven”. This is one of those books that is so special to my family I can see keeping it to pass down to my grandkids.

The illustrations & paper quality are the best. I actually find myself wanting to open up this book and touch the pages and look at the beautiful watercolor paintings without even reading the book! There is just the right amount of God in this book that I think it would still be a wonderful book for a family that doesn’t typically buy children’s books with a religious theme.

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